Monday, 27 July 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Cast List

  • 'Strident Student' - conforms to the stereotype the majority of the time, scarily like mother, friend or foe depending on the time of the month
  • 'Miss Sensible' - astute and perceptive beyond her years - an adult in child's clothing
  • 'Minor Mayhem' - loud, boisterous and does the bare minimum to get by

Support acts

  • 'Middle Eastern Correspondent' - ex-boss and erstwhile friend
  • 'Work based counsellor' - patient, supportive and provider of copious cups of coffee/chocolate dependent on level of severity of Frosty's latest predicament.
  • 'Panda' - ex-colleague and one of the 'girlies'
  • 'Biker Bex' - probably pretty self-explanatory
  • 'Mutt'

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Becoming a blogger

I blame the Middle Eastern Correspondent for distracting me from my housewifely chores...'twas he who got me into all this by sending me the link to his daughter's fabulous blog...

which in turn sparked an expedition into cyberspace to view the myriad of 'gubbins' out there.

Along the way I've seen a great many sites, from the good, bad, indifferent to downright dire...

I took the journey from viewer, to commentator, to Twitterer & Facebooker and have now summoned up the courage to post for real...