Sunday, 31 October 2010


deserves a mention. The much loved hound has not been very well. For some time he has been suffering from fits. Although worrying, these were initially sporadic, and the vet advised leaving things unless such time as they became more frequent. Over the course of this last six months they've ramped up and we've naturally become quiet anxious. A formal assessment was required which meant a trip to the vets.

Monty adores going in the means he's off to visit someone...great fun...unless it's the V.E.T. Cue cartoon like behaviour. He has to be dragged/carried from the boot, then cowers beneath the chairs in the waiting room howling like a thing possessed, whist the other animals behave impeccably, casting him askance looks. The upshot of this traumatic experience is the vet believes he's suffering from a form of epilepsy...common in Border Collies apparently (not that he's pure-bred..his dad was a pedigree farm dog, but it has to be said his mum was just a naughty girl ;o) We were told that each time he fits, a small part of his brain is damaged which in the long term could cause a permanent seizure/death, so it's been decided he needs to be put on permanent medication which they hope will stabilise things. I was quite relieved he'd started the medication yesterday as the fireworks being let off last night left him trembling like a jelly and I'm pretty sure without the tablets he'd have been in a real state. Needless to say the coming days and Bonfire Night will mean he gets plenty of TLC to try to combat the stress.

Scary or what!?!

Miss Sensible was invited to a Halloween party so it seemed an ideal opportunity to crash out on the sofa and watch a scary movie with Minor Mayhem. I rooted through the dvd collection and pulled out 'An American Werewolf in London' apt choice for the time of year.

Yep the dvd cover clearly states '18', but I'm thinking, that film was made almost 30 years ago and things were much tamer then, plus it wasn't particularly scary from what I can recall.... I'd clearly forgotten the opening scene with a reasonably graphic discussion about some woman Jack's 'after', not to mention the bit later where David's hiding in a 'cinema' in Soho complete with plenty of coverage of the movie content!!! What to do!?! Switch it off stating it's unsuitable viewing or accept he probably hears just as bad on the playground....Opted for the latter but inwardly squirmed with embarrassment...That'll teach me to go against the censors! Just hope he doesn't go into school tomorrow and brag about watching 'unsuitable material' or my reputation as "sooo unfair" (aka strict) is shot...that'll be the last time the Governors ask for my assistance.....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Maybe I can start to stop worrying about the sproglets

Minor Mayhem managed his first trip to the City sans adult perfectly well yesterday. Caught the train with his mates, went to the cinema, bought himself lunch, procured a new computer game, travelled home and helped prepare dinner.

Meanwhile Strident Student (recent commentator on News 24 re. 'the cuts' & re-elected Student Union rep....doing the proud Mum bit) looked after her sister and I very well during our visit to the Steel City. She'd made soup and baked sun-dried tomato rolls for our lunch, as well as preparing a gorgeous fish stew for dinner, proving that she can look after herself more than adequately. We had a really nice girlie day pottering round the City and showing Miss Sensible the Uni etc. before stopping off to purchase some scrumptious cupcakes from Fancie :o)

Delighted they can all manage so well without me...although perhaps that puts me at risk of redundancy...!?!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Quick change artist

when I got in last night...sorted the sprogs, changed, tarted myself up and was out in forty minutes! Why so hasty? Wanted to get to the leaving 'do' for yet another batch of leavers from my last employers. The place was packed with people who'd left yonks ago as well as those going through the current exit process. The gang of five whose party it was had all been with the company from leaving education; a minimum 20 odd years ago. The inimitable Mr. P, a consummate after dinner speaker did a fab speech stuffed with anecdotes of their past, previous misdemeanours and the respective strengths the company was losing. A huge wrench for them to move on, but much as they were sad about the end of an era, I think all are starting to realise the place is not what it was and there is life outside the security cordon. 'Twas good to catch up with people who'd already moved on, find out what they've been up to and see that all seem much happier with their new lives. One slightly surreal realisation was that of the two bands playing I'd actually recruited some the band members as new grads many moons ago :o)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Some things are best left under wraps

It's debatable whether this type of thing should ever been done in public let alone by someone still the right side of 80 & a blue rinse…The 40ish woman sitting next to me on the train is reading a 'Mills & Boon' novel in full view!!! Has she no embarrassment!?!

"Wedding night with a stranger"

had to stifle a chuckle :o)

Proves there are still some confirmed romantics out there...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stand down

High threat level reported by intelligence sources so this weekend's 'jaunt' is understandably now postponed. In the meantime I have a stash of M&S 'Percy Pigs' which I had bulk procured for my colleague to be used as necessary as a potential form of 'influence' ;o) Said pigs are now languishing in one's carry-on case awaiting an as yet undetermined transportation date.... is that some form of cruelty? Will the animal liberation front storm the house to release them??? Or will my case merely smell sweetly of confectionery for evermore!?! Pardon the pun :o)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Rallyman was right

Basra oilfield looks more than a bit 'basic'!!! Snaps of the base show an array of closely-knit portacabins in the middle of the desert surrounded by a concrete 'T wall' and some watch-towers....I'm also reliably informed that due to accomodation constraints I might be sharing my domestic abode...
I'm sure this wasn't what I signed up for...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rank & file

The joys of interviewing ex-military personnel is that some are exceptionally status orientated and believe all civilians know nothing. ...large proportions of them also seem to think a woman's function is to breed and keep house! As you can probably tell one particularly bad specimen whom I interviewed today did not enamour himself to me....In fact I described him as "an arse" and fortunately was vindicated in my opinion by the MD and one of the senior managers....highlight of my day...which says a lot really...

Monday, 4 October 2010

Tube strike

and on the day I'm taking Nicola-la down to the Smoke to do her company induction. You have seen nothing like the queues for buses & taxis!! Managed to organise a taxi share with three other women who'd been on our train plus a bemused, terrified looking male foreign student…not sure if it was sharing a confined space with four loud women or the prospect of finding his way around London that frightened him most!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Seeing the Shrink

Seven months in I'm still thoroughly enjoying this new role. I love the fact that it's as varied as it is. Who'd have thought I'd be employing almost 30 nationalities, interviewing people who'd won medals for gallantry, travelling to somewhat dodgy sandy environments, learning about the Nepalese cast system, or being taught to use firearms...all massively interesting. One of the other things which captivates me is the human performance qualities and mental health assessment we conduct for existing & prospective employees. These activities are carried out on our behalf by the charismatic Dr. E & his team who are based over in the good old US of A. This week he's been to visit and he and I have had much to natter about. During the working day we've addressed a whole load of employment/employee issues but he's also kept us entertained over dinner with his amusing anecdotes...stories of patients (anonymous obviously) plus stuff from his colourful past...ex Navy, prize fighter, who qualified in psychology and became a specialist in cognitive behavioural therapy...more of the 'you couldn't make it up if you tried' variety.