Monday, 31 January 2011

I'm losing it

Workload is unsustainable at the moment and it's really getting me down. Love the job but we're seriously under resourced and I can't help feelng senior management don't 'get it'. My colleague has been trying to keep me buoyant saying, "You'll be fine, you're like the Duracell bunny, just don't stop! I expect that before going to the airport you'll cook dinner from scratch, read a final year essay and critique it, crochet a jumper and commence a "clean water" campaign in 3 poor African countries!"

If only....just been making dinner for the sproglets and just put the cheese away in the cutlery drawer!! Says it all really...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Well I'm still here

no lightening flashes or thunderbolts during my brief presence on the alter.

I've struggled to get any momentum this week, and not just due to the funeral or schedule. Two of the more competent members of my team have resigned, the workload's gone through the roof, plus my Ops manager's still in Fiji.

In between it all I did manage a Fish pie and therapy session in Jersey. I do like going there :o)
The MD is a lovely chap, knows the business and everyone it it like the back of his hand and is very pragmatic. It's so nice to have a chilled but productive working environment for a change, and lunch overlooking St. Aubin harbour was fabulous.

Ms. Sensible and I also attended a sixth form open evening. Since she is undecided as to a potential future career, or even course at Uni, we ended up going to see the tutors in; Chemistry, Physics, German, French, Philosophy & Ethics, Sociology, English Lit, History, Maths, Biology, Psychology... favoured subjects being the latter five! However, the school reckon they can't timetable that combination. Teenage angst & a major sulk now on-going, but knowing her determination, she'll try a different tack and probably nobble the guy that does the timetabling to achieve her end game ;o) Tenacity runs in the family, so pull yourself together Frosty...
onwards and upwards...

Monday, 24 January 2011

I've been trying not to think too much about this week's schedule it's so packed:
Monday - London
Tuesday - Jersey
Thursday - St.Helens (funeral)
Friday - London
I think it's highly likely I'll need to hit the Red Bull & Pro Plus to get through.

I'm dreading the funeral, not only for the obvious reasons (one of my oldest friend's mother died very unexpectedly), but she's asked me to do a reading....going up to the lectern in a church is not the type of thing I'd normally contemplating doing...the whole Catholic guilt thing kicks in...After years of sitting through sermons telling me that my sins will find me out, it's always felt like a certainty I'd be going down 'there' or at best I might just end up in purgatory (if I'm not there already)...
I'm fully anticipating being smite down by a thunderbolt the minute I step on the altar.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Got to be a first...

in terms of interview settings....My week culminated with a day interviewing numerous hunky young men in a bedroom due to room debacle at the training centre!! Talk about 'come up to my boudoire whilst I assess your credentials' something out of a Carry On film.
It would appear I'm working my way through an unknown covert section of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development handbook...not reached the Mata Hari tips chapter yet but it looks like it's only a matter of time...

Friday, 14 January 2011

So on Wednesday night I found myself at the RAC Club on Pall Mall. One of my suppliers seems to virtually live there so invited me to join him after work. Yep, we all know about the RAC but it's also a private members club. Sounds slightly intriguing? Do I mean Gentlemen's Club, or "Gentlemen's Club"? Nope this place is most definitely not akin to 'Spearmint Rhino' I am pleased to report before anyone starts to think of 'dancing girls' (they'd definitely chuck me out of that type of place or demand a refund ;o) ...more along the lines of the places you see Harry from 'Spooks' meeting a Minister, or an establishment where in days gone by ladies presence was frowned upon.

Any road up (as us Northerners say), it's a fabulous piece of Victoriana, very grandiose with various dining rooms, bars, sports facilities, accommodation and a gorgeous swimming pool in the basement (allegedly the best in London) as well as some pretty impressive murals.

The other first for that night was sampling Hendricks Gin. I've been a bit of a Gin girlie since I was introduced to it by my erstwhile friend the Middle Eastern Correspondent many, many moons ago, and nowadays I can rightfully claim it as mothers ruin ;o) I've tippled a large selection of brands but Hendricks is something else; hand crafted in Scotland, with an infusion of cucumber and rose petals...simply delicious and most definitely my new favourite. I also commend to you a visit to their Curiositorium (aka website) which is like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus meets Monty Python...quirky and I like quirky...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

In a FTSE 100 company everything will be really professional...

or so I thought, but with the benefit of hind-sight I think the last place I worked was a lot better organised than I'd actually realised plus the IT infrastructure was waaaay more reliable.

We've won a bid...Hurrah! Hmm...might have helped if the Business Development guys had thought about asking us if we could meet the resourcing requirements....Err no...

We need 60 fully trained and vetted Fijians. Do they think we have them freeze-dried on a shelf awaiting hydration!?!? Gnashing of teeth :o/ After a fair few iterations of plans, we've agreed my Ops Manager will go out there for a month to do the recruitment and supervise the training and accreditation. Meanwhile I'll be off to Jersey & Baghdad...not quite on a does that work..?
Seem to have somehow drawn the short straw again....

Monday, 10 January 2011

Being a caring employer

Mr. X was given medical leave for a work related knee injury he sustained carrying out his duties. He needed to fly to his country of origin to have a minor operation and take some time out to revovert so he was dropped off at the airport in one of our slightly less 'hostile' working environments yesterday. When his flight was cancelled he decided to get a hotel but did not think to inform anyone that he was delayed or staying over night.

To while away the hours Mr. X partook of alcohol in his room then ventured to a bar near his hotel. After having 8-9 alcoholic beverages, he was detained and arrested by 3 police officers and charged with disturbing the public peace and for possession of a weapon. He was taken to jail and kept in custody for approx. 14 hrs. Imagine our surprise when the Police contacted us and notified us that they were called to the "Irish Pub" for a disturbance concerning an individual who was drunk, confrontational and waving a large knife (which he'd had concealed about his person) at other patrons of the Bar.

You do your best to look after them but...

He's been terminated...

Sunday, 2 January 2011

'101 uses for a Turkey'

Enchiladas, Curry, Nasi Goreng, etc. Yep, passed that test methinks.

In the spirit of using stuff up I reckon I surpassed myself last night by making Eton Mess with the remaining cranberry & orange sauce...stopped the kids keep asking why we're having 'left-overs' again!! ;o)
Any ideas what I can do with a surplus stick of sprouts...polite answers only please!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

No New Years Resolutions for 2011

...just a philosophy I'm going to try to live with...
Life's too short to bear grudges, or wake up with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, and forget about the ones who don't. Don't wonder 'what if', just go with it, and if you're ever lucky enough to get a second chance, grab it with both hands.

Oh I sound like I've been navel-gazing!?! Must be the influence of the 'in-house' philosophy dept. or the after-effects of too much hard liquor and a very late night ;o)