Saturday, 31 December 2011

And the award for best critque of the year goes to

Michael Deacon for his review of 'Great Expectations' in the Daily Telegraph...

"I rather lost faith in this adaptation the moment it introduced us to the full-grown Pip. Having entered the pupa of adolescence as a scowling urchin, he emerged as an androgynous heart-throb with a boy-band fringe, exquisitely shaped eyebrows, and skin of aftershave-advert purity. For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, it was difficult to believe in this pouting beauty as a Victorian blacksmith's apprentice."
That said, I still very much enjoyed the series and thought Gillian Anderson played Miss Havisham to a 't'.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Beware inadvertently starting a tradition

as it will haunt you forevermore. Young Blood has announced she will be home over Chrimble and the next statement was, "you will have made shortbread, won't you...?"

So instead of collapsing in a heap following finishing work, it was a case of 'get thee to the kitchen wench'... gingerbread cake successfully completed, mulled wine vat on the stove replenished, onto the shortbreads...

In case you're wondering, I dunno why I do 'festive' pigs... just become a habit...

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fortified with porridge

I headed to London for the last time this year to give the MD a fairly 'frank & factual' assessment of my significantly depleted teams' capacity to deliver all that is continually being asked of us including; dealing with a fairly major spike in resignations, staffing new contracts and preparing bids for prospective business. Having stressed the level of cuts we'd endured, highlighted the workload, and pointed out that something might have to 'give' before we all fell over, I half wondered if I'd find my P45 in the Secret Santa that afternoon, but it seems I will live to receive another bank giro credit by the looks of things.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Today's new experience

has been seeking a potential alternative Mental Health Evaluation supplier. Although I am qualified in the use of psychometrics, I'm no psychologist so have had to learn enough about the ten main personality disorders, and mental/emotional/behavioural facets scales, as well as narcotic, addictive, mild-altering and/or psychoactive medications so that I can conduct a vaguely credible discussion about what is needed. As I read up on this stuff it makes me start to wonder where I'd come out against the 'norm group' if I ever took the test.... Scary thought....

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Absolutely no shenanigans involved

but I have managed to catch the Middle Eastern Correspondent's dreaded lurgy. All normal remedies have been ineffective and the household became sick of hearing me coughing my guts up so an alternative approach to shutting mother up was sought.... and therein lay my downfall... Mawsons Dandelion and Burdock...I have become addicted to a herbal drink made using genuine extracts of Dandelion and Burdock roots once used in medicine for their cleansing and diuretic properties. Might not have cured the hacking cough but it's the best discovery I've made in a long time.

Friday, 9 December 2011

He may well have a bus pass but

David Coverdale's still definitely got 'it'! The Middle Eastern Correspondent (with whom I had watched Rock videos with many, many moons ago) very kindly presented me a ticket to see 'Whitesnake' on their final gig of their 'Forevermore' World tour. They were superb...a compete throw-back to the '70s & '80s. Long flowing manes of hair, sprayed on jeans, shirts open to the navel, copious silver chains and studs, accompanied by posturing, and baton twirling of the microphone stand. A total cliché but brilliant none the less. We had a fab night resulting in a loss of voice undoubtedly due to singing along somewhat too enthusiastically.

Friday, 2 December 2011

An evening in the company of

Simon, Nick, Roger and John (swoon) aka Duran Duran, playing in their home town of Brum! Superb gig. Mr. le Bon worked the crowd into a fenzy and the set list took in all the favourites; Planet Earth, View to a Kill, Come Undone, Reflex, Wild Boys, Careless Memories, Rio, Ordinary World and an amazing segway from Notorious to Relax which I know will be buzzing around my brain for the next week. Can hardly believe I first saw them almost 30 years ago to the day on their inaugural tour at the Empire in's got to be said, they've aged well both in terms of performance and looks!